About the Owner

Jeanette started learning how to make Biltong and Boerewors since her early childhood years where she grew up on their family farm, Schuinsgelegen, in the Pietersburg (Polokwane) district in the Northern Province of South Africa. After immigrating to Ireland in 2001, she started making Boerewors and Biltong as a hobby for close family and friends, who enjoyed the great quality and effort she put in and encouraged her to turn it into a business. It has since evolved into a fully registered, health and safety approved enterprise since 2013. She has always prided herself in the fact that she uses the finest top-side cuts and high quality mince that makes Uncle Bok not only the best tasting products, but also the longest established Biltong and Boerewors manufacturer in Ireland.

About the

All the Uncle Bok products are still hand-made and that means the Biltong is delicately hand-trimmed to remove all sinew. The different types are then cut in a very specific way to ensure the Biltong is not only appealing to the eye but also very tasty and easy to eat. The meat is spiced and marinated before being dried to perfection in a strictly controlled environment.

The Boerewors and Burgers are made using the finest spice blends combined with tried and tested recipes, which ensures that the products are the highest meat-content sausage currently available on the Irish market with a minimum of 95% pure Irish Beef meat content. It is vacuum-sealed and frozen to below -20°C directly after manufacturing to ensure the sausage reaches the consumer as fresh as possible.

The Name

There are basically two people know as “Uncle Bok” that contributed to the naming of the company as they both contributed greatly to the knowledge and experience I apply daily in the business today.

The first Uncle Bok is the nickname that was bestowed upon my father for his “Goatee” beard in the late 70’s. My father and grandfather taught me and my siblings from a very young age how to slaughter and process our own cattle for home use. We were never qualified as butchers ourselves, but we knew how to make the best tasting, high quality Biltong and Boerewors for our own home use and my grandfather especially believed that only the best of the best should make it to our own table.

The second Uncle Bok is an old family friend, Uncle Bok Bronkhorst, who developed his own recipes and secret “tricks” after more than 30 years of working with different types of meat in his own Butcher shop. He kindly departed his well-kept secret spice mixes to me and combined with the use of top-quality Irish Beef, has made the Uncle Bok brand a very well-known favourite in Ireland.

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